CORRECTING THE RECORD: Please direct thanks for this to Andrew Leavitt and Sen. Ananich!

While we appreciated the very kind thank you in relation to helping Tammy and her 4 children get a filter installed, all we actually did, was to turn this problem over to Andrew Leavitt who works with Senator Jim Ananich. Andrew and Jim have been truly heroic in helping Flint residents solve their problems from the earliest phases of the Flint water crisis. After I brought this to Andrew’s attention, he worked his magic and the problem was solved–Andrew even called me to confirm it was taken care of.

Andrew is an example of hundreds of great people throughout Flint and Michigan government, who have stepped up and helped residents deal with their water problems. The vast majority never get a pat on the back for doing a great job. We do so publicly here, to draw attention to all of these little acts of kindness that are making a difference.

Over the past months, we have seen so many good Samaritans generously volunteering their time, care and resources towards helping those affected in Flint. And while there are many Flint residents who are still in dire need of help, we wanted to acknowledge some of the good that has been going on. If you want to see true compassion and humanity at work, look no further than Flint. So, thanks to everyone helping (you all know who you are)!

Correcting the record

Authors: Dr. Marc Edwards and Siddhartha Roy

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