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We realize there is a ton of information for you to sift through and, therefore, we have made a mini-guide for you (arranged in reverse chronological order — latest first):

Fundraising and Grants

The FlintWaterStudy Research Support Fundraiser

SafeWater4Flint Fundraising Update and Thank You!

Our VT Research Team wins $50,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to study Flint water

About Us

The Virginia Tech Research Team

Collaborators and Other Information Sources for Flint

Stories from Flint Residents

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Flint River Corrosivity Experiments, Citizen Testing and Resources on Lead in water/Blood Lead

Hurley Medical Center’s “Nutrition & Lead: Recipe and Resource Guide”

Some Common Misunderstandings of Flint’s Lead in Water Problem

[Commentary] When will we be able to say that Flint’s water is “safe” to drink again, and lift the water emergency?

Lead Testing Results from two worst case homes in Flint (before and after water switch)

Concerned about bathing or showering in lead-contaminated water?

Public Health Advisory regarding Lead in Flint Water from the Genesee County Board of Commissioners, Health Dept and City of Flint

Research Update: Corrosivity of Flint Water to Iron Pipes in the City — A Costly Problem

Additional Sampling Confirms High Lead in Flint’s Water and Our 5-Minute Flushing Advice to Reduce Risk

Lead in Drinking Water – Health Risks to Flint Residents (Plus, list of lead filters)

Test Update: Flint River water 19X more corrosive than Detroit water for Lead Solder; Now What?

Lead testing results for water sampled by residents

Our sampling of 252 homes demonstrates a high lead in water risk: Flint should be failing to meet the EPA Lead and Copper Rule

Flint River water is very corrosive to lead, and causing lead contamination in homes

Analysis of water samples from an additional 72 Flint homes are concerning

Analysis of water samples from 48 Flint homes to date for lead are worrisome

Why is it possible that Flint River water cannot be treated to meet Federal Standards?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Citizen Sampling program

Video: Water Sampling Kits for Lead

300 Lead Testing Kits Dispatched to Flint from Virginia Tech

Hazardous Waste-levels of Lead found in a Flint household’s water

The Unintended Consequences of migrating to Flint River water

Opportunistic Pathogens incl. Legionella, Bacteria, Chlorine and TTHMs

Initial Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding Legionella bacteria in present-day Flint

Possible Links Between Flint River Water (Without Corrosion Control) and Higher Legionella Occurrence

Results from Field Sampling in Flint (Aug 17-19 2015) : Opportunistic Pathogens #2

Flint’s new GAC treatment filter is helping meet EPA’s THM standards

Results from Field Sampling in Flint (Aug 17-19 2015) : Opportunistic Pathogens

Results from Field Sampling in Flint (Aug 17-19 2015): No Fecal Bacteria in water but Low chlorine residuals a problem

Opportunistic Pathogens (OPs): #1 cause of waterborne diseases in the United States

Chlorine monitoring in resident Ms. Walters’ home

FOIA Emails, Investigations, Reports and our Analyses (MDEQ, EPA, MDHHS, City of Flint and MI Governor’s Office)

Del Toral’s Heroic Effort Was Ultimately Vetted in the Blood Lead of Flint’s Children

Original July 22 Email from Dennis Muchmore to Michigan Health Department’s Director

FOIA Information: Michigan Health Department (DHHS) Blood Lead Spike Report Not Communicated Back to Mr. Muchmore

New FOIA E-mail With Michigan Health Department’s Response to Dennis Muchmore’s email

All Flint Water Crisis-related Documents concerning MDEQ, MDHHS and City of Flint obtained so far via Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests

New FOIA Shows MDEQ Still Mostly To Blame For Water Crisis and Poor Response: E-mails Apparently Show Concern Of Governor’s Office On Lead Health Effects

Michigan Health Department focused more on communications, than scientific evidence of increased lead levels in Flint’s children [FOIA Emails Part II]

Resignations Are Justified: Michigan Children Would Never Be Safe Without Culture Change at MDEQ

MDEQ’s Word Analogy for Flint: “Lead in Drinking Water” is to “Childhood Lead Poisoning,” as an “Apple” is to ________

Michigan Health Department Hid Evidence of Health Harm Due to Lead Contaminated Water: Allowed False Public Assurances by MDEQ and Stonewalled Outside Researchers

Commentary: EPA Office of Water weighs in on MDEQ’s illegal actions in Flint, fulfills MDEQ prophecy

US EPA’s Memo on Lead and Copper Rule Requirements for Optimal Corr Control Treatment for Large Drinking Water Systems

Final EPA Report – High Lead at Three Residences in Flint MI

Would you sign this waiver that LeeAnne Walters refused to sign?

Lead-Safe Drinking Water Action Plans Proposed for Michigan and the U.S. in 2005: Derailed by “scientifically indefensible” U.S. Centers for Disease Control Report

Q+A with Mayor Dayne Walling

New Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request documents answer our earlier question: Where is the US EPA?

MDEQ “leaked” FLINTWATERSTUDY FOIAs to…Reporters

Investigation of MDEQ’s new “Corrosion Control” claim reveals more deception and incompetence: Where is the EPA?

COMMENTARY: MDEQ Mistakes and Deception Created the Flint Water Crisis

Information on our Flint trips // Work with School Kids

The Surreal Flint Experience: 2014-2015 Water Crisis // Video of Resident Getting Arrested for Questioning Safety of Water

Results from Corrosion Experiments in Ms. Weiss’ class at City School, Grand Blanc, MI

Dr. Edwards and graduate student Anurag Mantha visit City School in Grand Blanc, MI to meet and discuss Flint water experiments the students themselves performed

Flint Trip #3: Quick Sampling Update

Our Flint Sampling Trip (Aug 17-19 2015)

Data, Talks, Podcasts, LCR Analyses and Presentations

[Talk] The Washington DC Lead Crisis (2001-2004): Prelude to Flint 2015 — Dr. Edwards’ talk at Hurley Medical Center

[Complete Dataset] Lead results from Tap Water Sampling in Flint, MI

Northeast Midwest Institute’s Newsletter highlights Ms. Betanzo’s recommendations to the USEPA towards improving the Lead and Copper Rule

Clarifications sought to strengthen the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) Working Group’s Recommendations towards Long Term Revisions to the LCR

Dr. Yanna Lambrinidou’s Dissenting Opinion on the Upcoming Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) Long-Term Revisions

Dr. Edwards’ presentation to the Technical Advisory Committee on Flint Water

[Podcast] Lead in Drinking Water, Is Flint a Washington DC 2.0 and other tales — A conversation with Dr. Yanna Lambrinidou

Pediatric Lead Exposure Presentation from Hurley Medical Center doctors concerning Flint MI

Flint Town Hall Meeting Presentation and Distribution of lead results across Flint by ward and zip codes


Our friends at “WaterYouFightingFor?,” LeeAnne Walters and Melissa Mays win the “Hammer and Chisel Award” for their courage and heroism

Michigan State University and Hurley Children’s Hospital Announce Pediatric Public Health Initiative for Continued Investment in the Greater Flint Community

Girl Scout Brownies Troop 71729 Works on Flint Water Crisis

CORRECTING THE RECORD: Please direct thanks for this to Andrew Leavitt and Sen. Ananich!

Lawsuits, Petitions, Letters, Press Releases and other announcements

Resolution of the Progressive Democratic Women’s Caucus

Class Action Lawsuit filed against Michigan State, MDEQ and City of Flint Officials

Sen. Minority Leader Jim Ananich’s Letter to EPA HQ and Region 5: EPA Review Needed on Flint, Michigan Water Treatment

Congressman Dan Kildee Calls for Investigation into Flint Water Woes

Groups Petition EPA for Emergency Response to Flint, MI Drinking Water Contamination

Coalition of Clean Water’s demands in light of serious lead in water issues

US EPA to Congressman Kildee: “We are actively working with MDEQ to help the City provide clean and safe water”

MDEQ to Congressman Kildee, Sen. Ananich and State Reps: “City has no unresolved violations of state and federal drinking water standards”

Senate Democratic Leader Jim Ananich (District 27) and state reps send a letter with “urgent questions” on Flint’s water to MDEQ

Congressman Dan Kildee (D-MI 5th District) calls on EPA and MDEQ to answer, among other questions, “Is Flint water safe?”

Response to MDEQ’s Press Release on Lead levels in Flint water

Credit: Siddhartha Roy (Reporters, you are welcome!)

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  1. […] We realize there is a ton of information for you to sift through and, therefore, we have made a mini-guide for you (arranged in reverse chronological order — latest first): Fundraising and Grants The FlintWaterStudy Research Support Fundraiser SafeWater4Flint Fundraising Update and Thank You! Our VT Research Team wins $50,000 …read more       […]

  2. Excellent article. Ideas:
    1) Replace lead water mains. Ship old lead mains if reusable to USA military artillery.
    2) is an excellent nutritional calculator to make sure to stay below vitamin A upper limits, zinc upper limits and enough iron and calcium
    3) encourage everyone to use ProLab Lead Surface Test Kits to test all of their belongings shoes, toys, cords, alarm clocks, etc
    4) rebuild lead painted houses AND watch out for OLD O U T D O O R plumbing

  3. This is what Snyder his DEQ and HIS Water Company that took over the Flint Water system is hiding!!!

    There was information about the Dioxins in the Flint River on the MIDEQ web site BUT it was deleted!!!!! WHY?????

    With all the information that the Flint River is contaminated with Dioxins WHY did Snyder approve pumping water from it,, WHEN HIS water company was to pump from Lake Heron? Cost cutting to put more money into his pockets!!!

    It seems that with Snyder AG investigating, with documents already missing and information on the internet being deleted that a BIG cover up is going on!!!!

    AND WHY is the News media NOT reporting any of this!!!

    Just goggle Vietnam kids Agent Orange and you will see what Snyder did to the people of flint!!!

    And what about ALL the people that stop in Flint and drank the water????

  4. I must express my appreciation for your kind-heartedness for people who require help on this one field. Your special dedication to passing the solution up and down came to be remarkably functional and has without exception permitted others just like me to achieve their aims. Your warm and helpful tips and hints means a lot to me and substantially more to my fellow workers. Regards; from everyone of us.

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