Extraordinary Community Service of Mr. Dennis Walters. 9-20-2015 Letter Authored by Dr. Edwards.

Because some are attempting to re-write the history of the Flint water crisis — defaming the integrity of some outstanding Flint residents in the process — Dr. Edwards is releasing a letter he authored on 9-20-2015 “Attesting to the Extraordinary Community Service of Mr. Dennis Walters.”

 Excerpt:  “In an effort to understand health problems that their family and neighbors were experiencing, Dennis and Lee-Anne became part-time private investigators, part-time scientist/engineers and part-time activists to get at the truth of what was happening. They essentially gave up about 6 months of their lives to defend the welfare of their community. Dennis and Lee-Anne are true American Heroes…….They truly are a great team, as I observed first hand when I stayed with them overnight last month– Dennis quietly works behind the scenes and Lee-Anne serves as the public face. I am huge fans of their work and I give their community service my highest possible endorsement.”

 The entire letter is provided below.

If Dr. Edwards were to write a similar letter today, he would be even more outspoken regarding Mr. Walters’ sacrifices and efforts from 2015 to the present. We hope this helps publicly correct the record about Dennis Walters and his role in the Flint Water Crisis.

Download (PDF, 112KB)


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