Wayne State University Press Release Does Not Address our Allegations

Wayne State has just issued a press release with a blanket denial of “false accusations.” In response to a direct challenge that we first provided to Wayne State in early March 2018, they have been unable to produce any evidence, supporting specific claims related to Dr. McElmurry’s work in Flint from 2010-2014.

In contrast, the e-mails we obtained by FOIA, are perfectly clear that McElmurry gained access to Dr. Faust’s dissertation work under false pretenses. Moreover, McElmurry improperly referenced that work as “his” in an NIH proposal, and to position himself for millions of dollars in relief research grants.

We have been waiting a month for an innocent explanation on this issue. We are still waiting. We are starting to doubt that an innocent explanation exists.

One thought on “Wayne State University Press Release Does Not Address our Allegations

  1. Dear Team: Thank you very much for sharing this information. Hopefully, the public recognizes the effort it takes to expose such cases of scientific misrepresentations which ultimately give rise to scientific fraud and misconduct (IMO).

    It is hoped that this information will also be shared with the funding agencies, including NSF and the NIH and perhaps the publishing journals, if pubs are also compromised.

    These are U.S. taxpayers monies being awarded to these groups. There should be some mechanism whereby funds can be recouped in cases of obtaining them under false pretenses.

    Once again, thank you for your efforts on behalf of all Michigan citizens in improving Flint water safety as well as revealing such associated, but unfortunate, situations that arise when all kinds of people rush in to ‘get involved’ and possibly make a name for themselves.

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