Michigan vs. Lyon documents/ Edwards vs. Paul Schwartz et al.

We are posting both sides [prosecution and defense briefs (with addenda)] in the case Michigan vs. Lyon.  Dr. Edwards was an uncompensated fact witness subpoenaed to testify in that case. We previously posted Dr. Edwards testimony in both the Lyon and Wells case.

Dr. Edwards, acting as a private citizen, has also filed a lawsuit directed at actions of two Washington D.C. residents (Paul Schwartz and Dr. Yanna Lambrinidou) and another member of their organization Campaign for Lead Free Water [prominent Flint activist Melissa Mays]. General background associated with some events leading up to this lawsuit are described in a recent Huffington Post article by Art Delaney,  blogs we wrote on a related matter,  and another blog from early 2018. Details of the lawsuit might soon be (or perhaps already are) publicly available.

Lyon Prosecution Brief

Download (PDF, 294KB)

Lyon Defense Brief and Addenda

Download (PDF, 1.04MB)

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