Round III of Flint Lead-in-Water Testing Schedule (July 11-19 2016)

We are excited that testing begins on Monday, July 11th. Here is our testing schedule:

Week of July 11th

Woodside 1309 E. Court St.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday // 5-7 pm
Tuesday and Thursday // 11am-1pm

Saints of God Church 2200 Forest Hill Ave.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday // 11am-1pm
Tuesday and Thursday // 5-7pm

Week of July 18th

Woodside 1309 E. Court St.

Monday //11am-1pm
Tuesday // 5-7pm

Saints of God Church 2200 Forest Hill Ave.

Monday // 5-7pm
Tuesday // 11am-1pm

The last date for test kits to be turned in is July 19th. If you need a pick up or have any questions, please call LeeAnne Walters on 616-212-6233.

We want to give a big thank you to Woodside Church and Saints of God Church for donating space to us again for this round of testing.

Round III of Flint Lead-in-Water Testing (July 2016) Announcement

Hi Everyone!

We are getting ready to start the third round of Virginia Tech testing for Flint citizens who participated in the previous two rounds. The testing dates are July 11th through July 19th. We will post an update next week with the times and places for kit pick up. If you need to schedule for a kit drop off please email me at (or on Facebook). As a thank you for your participation and helping us gather this valuable data from the same homes sampled in August 2015 and March 2016, again Marc Edwards is giving $20.00 cash once your kit is returned during the dates listed above. We are so excited to be doing this again! Thank you again for your participation, and thanks to the EPA for providing us funding to re-sample and see the status of lead in Flint water!

— Lee

See more info on this effort here.

[Mar 04 2016] EPA Update on Flint Testing

By Lee-Anne Walters

We begin the follow-up Virginia Tech sampling on Monday March 7, 2016! We are all very excited to be a part of this again. People can begin picking up their kits at these locations:

Bethel United Methodist Church, 1309 N. Ballenger Hwy, Flint MI

Monday 3/7/16 Tuesday 3/8/16 Wednesday 3/9/16 Thursday 3/10/16 Friday 3/11/16
1pm-4pm 4:00pm-7pm 1pm-4pm 4:00pm-7:00pm 1:00pm-4:00pm

 Woodside Church, 1509 E. Court St, Flint MI

Monday 3/7/16 Tuesday 3/8/16 Wednesday 3/9/16 Thursday 3/10/16 Friday 3/11/16
5:00pm-8:00pm 1:00pm-4:00pm 5:00pm-8:00pm 1:00pm-4:00pm 5:00pm-8:00pm

Our last day for drop off will be Saturday March 12, 2016 at:

New Standard School, 2040 W. Carpenter Rd, Flint MI || Also, EPA Open House will take place here.



This is also the same time and location for the EPA Open House I have been updating on. This will be a great chance for citizens to talk to scientists from the EPA and other experts, and find out about what is being done right now! There will be four specific areas that people can talk to experts about and ask questions on: Water Sampling incl. chlorine issues, System Recovery, Water Filters, and Health Issues. MDEQ will also be present to talk to citizens. Marc Edwards from Virginia Tech and Miguel Del Toral from EPA will be at this meeting, along with other experts.


On Monday (March 7), EPA will also be extracting a lead service line for the pipe loop testing. The pipe will be extracted in a gentle manner so that the scale inside the pipes can be extracted and sent out to a laboratory in Oregon for testing of heavy metals. This will help us understand what is going on. The pipe will be installed immediately for the pipe loop testing so we can begin to study the water the right way in a controlled setting. I have been asked to be there for this extraction and will update next week with pictures.

Lots of stuff happening and all great things!

[Feb 26 2016] EPA Update on Flint Testing

By Lee-Anne Walters

I am excited to announce that we will start the repeat sampling in 271 Flint homes (i.e. retesting homes we sampled in Aug-Sep 2015 with Virginia Tech) on Monday March 7, 2016.

There will be an EPA Open House meeting for the citizens on Saturday March 12, 2016; time and venue will be announced later this week. I am happy to announce that Mr. Miguel Del Toral (EPA) and Dr. Marc Edwards (Virginia Tech) will be the experts at this meeting.

The EPA Expo meeting, originally scheduled for March 11, 2016, will now take place on April 16, 2016 at the River Front (Time not decided yet).

With this update, you will see also pictures attached (see below). These are pipe loops that have been set up to conduct testing of the water in a controlled environment to treatment. My understanding is these should be up and running shortly. We will have more details on these going forward.

Finally, I want to discuss the confusion around the lead service line removal questions/concerns. Yes, ALL lead service lines need to be removed and that is what we (citizens) will continue to fight to make sure that happens. As we move forward with planning pipe replacements, we need to make sure the accurate science and safeguards are in place before that can happen. There are serious concerns on the condition of the mains and the valves in the system before we start replacement.

[Feb 12 2016] EPA Update on Flint Testing

By Lee-Anne Walters

We are SO excited to announce that the EPA will likely be funding Virginia Tech and the citizens of Flint, to repeat the 300 home (271 kit returned) citizen sampling effort! By repeating the sampling of the same 271 homes that we tested in August 2015, we will be helping with two dimensions of the disaster response:

  1. The August 2015 test is the only sampling event in Flint from the time of the high lead in water, that was done in accordance with the intent of the Lead and Copper Rule.
  2. It is the best way to understand what has happened to lead levels in the water since August 2015 (and especially after the switch back to Detroit water in October 2015).

We are still working on securing a site for the Town Hall Meeting between the citizens and the EPA. We will update once we have all the details. This is what people have been asking for since January 2015 so we are making sure it will be done properly, so stay tuned.

A lot of distribution system monitoring data is being collected by the EPA. This is being done because it is one of the first steps before lead service line replacement can take place. It is essentially a three part process. Step one is to analyze the water to achieve system optimization. Step two is to get a good understanding on when the water gets back to normal. Step three would be service line replacements.

I want people to understand that service line replacement is what we are waiting for, but there are some issues that EPA would like to see addressed before it moves forward. Specifically, there is still work being done to figure out the status of valves in the system. If a water main breaks as service lines are being replaced and if the valves do not work at that time, it will be hard to fix and repair the water main.

EPA also wants to know, if the neighbors surrounding where the service line replacements happen may also need to be supplied filters and bottled water for a minimum of three months after the replacement because of the disturbance caused. There is concern that the replacements will stir up lead at nearby houses.

We also need a good study on the chlorine levels throughout the system, to be sure the water is safe city wide. The chlorine study (intensive monitoring by the EPA throughout the system) being done right now will continue for a few months.