Analysis of water samples from 48 Flint homes to date for lead are worrisome

Of the first 48 first draw samples collected by Flint residents and analyzed at VT, 52% were over 5 ppb, which suggests a serious lead in water problem according to our experience and criteria. Fourteen samples (30% of those collected) also exceeded 15 ppb lead, suggesting a very serious lead in water problem. That is, the Flint Citizen Science study to date, is finding results worse than the EPA standard which is applied to sampling “worst case” homes. The highest lead sampled in first draw so far was 139 ppb. The 90th percentile lead level is currently 31 ppb, which is double the EPA standard, and in a range where water consumption can cause lead poisoning in children.

A sampling bottle from Flint even had particles in them
A sampling bottle from Flint even had particles in them

Look at our summary page here for more details. We will be relaying our findings to residents in homes with high lead levels in the next few days. We also urge citizens to continue sampling because higher number of samples will allow us to provide even more robust conclusions.

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