Is this Flint photo from 2015?

We came across a social media post from yesterday that has been shared over 4,700 times showing red/orange water being flushed from a fire hydrant in Flint with this quote:

“Is this photo from 2015? Nope. Yesterday. But “experts” tell us our water is “restored” and “normal.” REALLY? Drink up, then.

It reached, and clearly angered, a lot of people.

Where was this photo taken on Jun 27, 2018?

Is there a scientific explanation as to why the water was like this on Jun 27, 2018?

Wow. That is pretty bad. Citizen engineers are courageously helping us understand the Flint 2018 “disaster” being “[swept] under the rug.”

The problem? The cover photo of the Facebook group page “Flint Water Class Action Group” from during the crisis in Sep 2015:

What if we put them side-by-side?

We will let you judge for yourself if this photo was taken yesterday.

Primary authors: Drs. Siddhartha Roy and Marc Edwards

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