COMMENTARY: MDEQ Mistakes and Deception Created the Flint Water Crisis

As results of collaborative research with Flint residents exposed widespread problems with elevated levels of lead in Flint’s water, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) repeatedly attempted to discredit our findings and downplay the public health threat. For example, MDEQ’s Communications Director Brad Wurfel wrote to The Flint Journal’s Ronald Fonger: “…the state DEQ […]

Opportunistic Pathogens (OPs): #1 cause of waterborne diseases in the United States

We have long known about the dangers associated with waterborne pathogens. Fecal contamination of drinking water sources can lead to gastrointestinal illness and deaths caused by a variety of waterborne pathogens. We control for these risks by 1) selecting clean water sources for treatment, 2) treating the water to remove particles and bacteria by filters, […]

Articles in the Press

Bold indicates national/international coverage. Press coverage has blown up so much that I cannot find time to document all of them. Please see our Facebook and Twitter pages for shares and re-tweets. – Sid December 2015 Dec 25: Work continues on Flint disaster declaration. Michigan Radio Dec 25: Gov. Snyder calls Flint water issue ‘greatest […]