Response to MDEQ’s Press Release on Lead levels in Flint water

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Director of Communications Brad Wurfel released the following statement to The Flint Journal-MLive:

“We are aware that Virginia Tech researchers are now testing water at various Flint homes for lead levels.  We appreciate that Virginia Tech’s team is working on this issue because it brings the public spotlight on an important fact: if you have lead water pipes or plumbing fixtures containing lead in your home, or a lead service connection to the city system, it is very likely you are ingesting some level of lead. That’s just a fact. It’s true whether you live in Detroit, Dowagiac or Decatur.
And in the City of Flint, that fact affects 15,000 or more residences.”


Response:  We coordinated a citizen sampling event of homes in Detroit during 2010, and confirmed that Detroit water met Federal Standards—Flint’s water does not

We agree that 15,000 or more residences in Flint are affected.

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