Girl Scout Brownies Troop 71729 Works on Flint Water Crisis

First they drew all the times they use water in a day. Then they made filters, talked about the lead issue, and wrote letters to the governor. Read some of their letters here:

We will also be sending a link of this post and the letters to Susan Hedman at EPA Region 5 and to Peter Grevatt at EPA Headquarters in Washington D.C.. EPA has been working hand in hand with MDEQ on the Flint water issue since at least February 2015:

“The state and the EPA are working together in Flint – have been from the start”

Brad Wurfel, former spokesperson for MDEQ September 9th 2015

EPA Headquarters has also publicly stated that the issues in Flint are “relatively complex” and that the EPA lead laws are ambiguous. Our FOIA indicates that EPA actively continued to help MDEQ evade responsibility for the Flint Water Crisis, at least through September 11th:


Just a few days later, MDEQ took advantage of this helpful hint from EPA, when it denied knowledge of the Del Toral memo to the Legislature, even though the FOIA shows they had downloaded it from the ACLU Michigan web-site back in July.

Some pictures of the Brownies in action: