3 thoughts on “Gov. Rick Snyder releases all emails pertaining to the Flint Water Crisis

  1. First email relates to retirees of Flint that had their health benefits attempted to be suspended due to the fiscal emergency. Three of the defendants are Flint Emergency Managers


    July 24 2012 Retirees health care plans are transferred to the MERS from the FERS system, under the assurance that there are no health care changes. The trustee appointed is Gerald Ambrose.


    One of the Emergency Managers did try to change the health care arrangement to improve the city’s goal of a reversal of the fiscal situation in Flint in one year. The judge ruled in favor of the retirees existing arrangements for now

    From January 2015–April 30, 2015 Gerald Ambrose would become the final Flint Emergency manager.

    It may be me but was there much communication between Snyder and the successive emergency managers I may have missed it in the emails

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