5 thoughts on “Lead in Drinking Water 101

  1. How to get all City Managers and City Councils in the country to view this? Great visuals, very clear tutorial–THANK YOU!

  2. i am number 299 tested and returned to woodside church and did receive my results of high lead numbers -from Roy Siddhartha who suggested i get my blood tested and i did. Do i need to test my water again?? Please advise by email

    • Yes. Please take advantage of the state’s free testing and get a water test kit (call 211). We are hoping lead numbers would be dropping after the switch back to Detroit water.

  3. Why don’t the city and state start asking for the the 5 gallons refill bottles and the machine to hold them instead of tons of16 oz bottles then they can get the big jug filled and then the state can make it where they have a place out of the city water that would be a lot cheaper way to go and then the one that can’t get out of there home they can bring them the water to them

  4. I live in Flint and have some concern about the lead in the water BUT I also have concern about the drugs in smoking that people do around their kids. Guess no one has thought about that. How much lead is in one cigarette or one “medical” smoke!!!!!!

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