3 thoughts on “[Video] The Flint Water Study’s talk at Virginia Tech – Jan 28, 2016

  1. Everyone including the Governor that was involved in the cover up should be held accountable. This is totally beyond the pale.

  2. This is very wonderful and we are thankful for their efforts but, I need to tell you that you are not correct in telling that the lead service pipe from the house to the shut off is incorrect. It is the governments service pipe from the main pipe to the shutoff that is the governments piping and is lead. I have had two of my houses service galvanized pipes break and had to replace them and the feed from the mains are lead, I know as I was there when the city put new shut offs on the lead pipe. At one of my mouses i lived in, the whole road was torn up and everything from the sidewalks, curbs and sewer lines were replaced. I asked the enginer that was overseeing the road rebuild project why they had lead and he told me that most are lead. I asked why not replace the water mains since everything else was being replaced, why not the water mains and was told the cost was to expensive to replace.
    I have much to talk to you about that I know about how the city has been run and the things has happened.
    I have run for the 49th district of Michigan house of Michigan representatives.
    I can and would like to be contacted and discuss this whole mess and what some of the facts are here in Flint as to do with the leaders actions. 810-908-0184 Dan Parks 611 Thayer St, Flint, Mi 48503

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