[Feb 5 2016] EPA Update on Flint Testing

By Lee Walters

Lead Update:

Last Friday the data on the filter testing finally started coming. EPA did a press conference to confirm that in all homes tested so far the filters are working. There is still a concern that in homes with very high lead, the filters might not work. EPA reviewed the paper Marc Edwards provided on how effective filters are as a guide to compare to the work on the ground. The way the EPA is testing is comparing lead in water from the tap no filter, water with the filter and water with the filter with the new cartridge.

You can view their test results with the link provided here. The EPA will be doing everything in real time to keep the citizens informed.


Chlorine Update:

There is a one month study of chlorine being conducted by the EPA throughout the city to assess the disinfection and low concentrations of chlorine. They are targeting the known problem areas for a complete study. One of the things I learned from talking with the chlorine expert is that the smaller pipes are the best to study because it gives a real reading in the system. So they have reached out to different establishments for weekly testing. There are 24 sites to date being tested. I also learned that the 10 sites that City of Flint have been testing are not the best sites to be testing. With the size of our water distribution system, 10 sites is an unusually small number to do this type of testing. So, before the KWA pipeline comes online this needs to addressed. There will be weekly updates on getting the right sites. The goal is to track the disinfection over this period of time so the experts can see what changes need to be made. We have also reached out the Mayor of Burton to add the 65 Burton residents currently on City of Flint water to the testing pool.

We are in the process of setting up a town hall meeting for the citizens and the EPA. EPA officials working on the Flint Water Emergency Response will be available to talk to citizens and answer questions. Stay tuned for date and time.

If you have questions/concerns or would like to discuss water testing, please contact the EPA using the following information:


[email protected]

One thought on “[Feb 5 2016] EPA Update on Flint Testing

  1. Is there someplace or someone we can contact if we have questions regarding the City’s water quality? Send a message to the City via their facebook page on 2/1/2016, and Have not received a response. I sent an e-mail to the Mayor (from the link on the City’s webpage on 2/7/2016 indicating that there was no response on the facebook message and never received a reply. My question is:
    FEB 1ST, 2:28PM
    If your home’s water tested negative for lead and copper is it safe to go onto regular unfiltered tap water?
    Chat Conversation End
    Furthermore, I have you noticed the water coming out of the hot water tap is a different color Prior to all this mess with water, mine would come out translucent (clear) just like the cold water. Now it’s coming out an opaque white. It has me wondering if something is up with the water heater since the cold is translucent as usual.

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