Updates on Special Flint Sampling: Flushing and Lead, Disinfection By-Products and Legionella Sampling (May 31st 2016)

Presenters: Drs. Marc Edwards (Virginia Tech), Shawn McElmurry (Wayne State), Amy Pruden (Virginia Tech), David Reckhow (UMass-Amherst)

Watch the Press Conference in Flint:

Download a copy of the slides:

Download (PDF, 1.7MB)

Pictures from additional sampling for Disinfection By-Products and Lead by UMass-Amherst and Virginia Tech:

2 thoughts on “Updates on Special Flint Sampling: Flushing and Lead, Disinfection By-Products and Legionella Sampling (May 31st 2016)

  1. I love the presentations and lots of good information is presented. My only comment is when there are questions from the audience they are not audible. It would be great if there was a microphone used so the questions could be heard or the person at the presenter’s podium could repeat the question

  2. I had to move out of my home in Flint, Michigan because the water was making me deathly ill.

    I am a disabled 60+ year old and that was an inherited home-Grandfathered to me after my mother passed away in 2008. I used my Social security monies to make handicapped repairs and move in with mother in 2002. I was on home restriction with many illinesses one being Lupus, an AIDS non-communicable desease, which left me weakened and sickly. I was attending college on-line while trying to heal. I became so bad I had to move in with a Church friend.

    This friend kicked me out with out notice 9 months after I moved in with him.
    He proceeded to raid my home when I was hospitalized and sold my posessions without my permission—and forced me by doing head injury damages to me before I finally left with one suitcase and a few personal items.
    He also tried to make me co-dependent on him to marry him and care for him when he contracted cancer of the colon.

    I will never own another home I am to ill to take care of one anyways but I was entrusted to care for the family home because all the children in the family now grown are handicapped. I need an attorney to handle all these issues and help me get a stipend to live on for the rest of my life. I am going to require total personal health care soon.

    Can you find help for me and help me get my home repaired and make it ready for the next generation. But after all this –Who really wants to live in Flint Michigan and this nasty water situation?

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