5 thoughts on “Flint Water Press Conference August 11 2016

  1. I was wondering when the test results for the 2nd & 3rd flush samples will be released??

    • They have been sent to all residents who participated in the testing and have been shared with the State of Michigan and the Feds.
      Here is a summary for you:
      For Bottle 2: 18 of 162 samples exceeded 5 ppb.
      For Bottle 3: 11 of 162 samples exceeded 5 ppb.

      • I’m also wondering if you know when the EPA, MDEQ or city of Flint plans to complete an LCR compliant, round of sample collections.

        Thank you

  2. So how low does the 90th %tile need to go before the citizens of Flint will be able to again drink their tap water. Has the State of Michigan or the Feds published a target that needs to be hit before people can start drinking their water again.

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