Wayne State University Response to Questions

Wayne State University has released another press release in response to our questions. This follows a prior press release last week (that was retracted less than 24 hours after posting) endorsed by other FACHEP faculty asserting that we were “bullies” and spreading “false information” and deserving of sanctions for our supposed “unethical” behavior. In the new press release, Wayne State University writes:

Dr. McElmurry is a committed scientist and educator, and an academician of the highest character.  We have the utmost respect for the commitment and character of Dr. McElmurry…

Even the newer press release does NOT provide a specific response to any of our questions. Also, for the record, a month ago, we did alert Wayne State to our concerns related to repeated public claims of McElmurry’s work experience “in Flint” from 2010-2014. We have received no response to this day.

We provide the entire press release below:

Wayne State University statement on accusations

April 4, 2018

Statements questioning the personal integrity of Shawn McElmurry, Ph.D. (Department of Civil Engineering, Wayne State University) and research conducted while he was a leader of the Flint Area Community Health and Environment Partnership (FACHEP) team have been posted on the internet and widely circulated.

Wayne State University typically does not respond to postings on independent websites.  These posts, however, were widely shared, and include unacceptable, inappropriate and vitriolic personal attacks on an individual faculty member. We feel it is necessary to defend our faculty member against these personal attacks.

Dr. McElmurry is a committed scientist and educator, and an academician of the highest character.  We have the utmost respect for the commitment and character of Dr. McElmurry and the FACHEP research team.

As scientists and members of the community, we all have a responsibility to maintain the highest standards in all we do.

We have no doubt that Dr. McElmurry and his colleagues take this responsibility very seriously, and work tirelessly toward these goals for the public good.

Questions regarding the integrity of research projects are best reviewed in accordance with established procedures. This involves reviewing the facts and making informed conclusions for the benefit of the broad communities we serve. Wayne State has not received a formal request to investigate the Flint water infrastructure project. If we do, we will evaluate the credibility of the request and follow our established protocol as appropriate.

2 thoughts on “Wayne State University Response to Questions

  1. Final thought Mark; when the public hears about Legionella outbreaks they seem mostly associated with public facilities; i.e. cruise ships, veterans halls/air conditioners, in case of Flint the hospital drinking fountains etc.).

    Many wondered about the FACHEP team doing all the tests in residents homes; were these Photo-ops, aping the Pb team in going into homes, or justified measurements?? Yes, I can imagine it might concern residents having this other team appearing at their door; the lead make sense with the hook-up lines, but Legionella??

    If the State of MI efforts to rein in the FACHEP team was due to poorly constructed study design by that team then this needs to come out. I have only seen your teams comments allude to that. Unless the State or others get that out clearly, then the narrative that an ‘evil state’ cover-up and shut down of crusading researchers will continue to be exploited!

    • The FACHEP team did some very good work in the homes of Flint residents. Under no circumstances would I characterize all that as just a photo op. It was a lot of hard work, and I believe members of the team did the best they could.

      We will indeed, eventually, explore these other concerns. But we first have to satisfactorily resolve Dr. McElmurry’s claims of working “in Flint” from 2010-2014. FACHEP’s legitimacy, is now completely tied, to McElmurry proving he actually did that work.

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