3 thoughts on “Dr. Edwards’ presentation to the Technical Advisory Committee on Flint Water

  1. Is there any possibility of your group testing any more homes in Flint before the switch to Detroit is made? If so I’d like to send in a sample.

  2. your presentation mentions the increase of chloride levels from road salt and seawater as a contributor to corrosion, do household water softening systems that use salt have a corrosive impact on household plumbing and fixtures that could release harmful deposits or interact with older connections containing lead solder?

    • Hi Marla,

      Softening does not increase chloride of the water in the home plumbing, if it is properly operated. Only the hardness causing calcium/magnesium cations are exchanged by sodium in the resin. Therefore, no risk to home plumbing and fixtures.

      The brine that is disposed off, however, does have high chloride. So, the discharge to the sewer (and the environment) will increase the Cl- of the receiving water.

      Hope that helps!

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