Congressional Hearings on Flint Water Crisis [March 15 2016]

Mar 15, 2016 | ‘Contaminated Drinking Water in Flint, Michigan’

Hosting: House Oversight and Government Reform Committee
Testimonies by (L-R): Ms. Susan Hedman (Former EPA R5), Mr. Darnell Earley (Former Emergency Manager – Flint), Mr. Dayne Walling (Former Mayor – Flint), Dr. Marc Edwards (VA Tech)

One thought on “Congressional Hearings on Flint Water Crisis [March 15 2016]

  1. I appreciate the firmness of Dr. Edwards in condemning the delay of EPA. But it is important for him to be careful not to state what he does not know to be factual. For example, he complimented the Michigan governor, but I am still shocked that once he knew, our Governor Snyder waited for the Flint Mayor to declare a state of emergency in December, four months later. He did not immediately provide bottled water as soon as lead data on children proved the lead poison in the water (end of Sept.). Switching back to Lake Huron water treated by Detroit so as to be less corrosive was a great thing (early Oct.), led by the Governor, but the pipes and lead in water had already been a health hazard already for over a year. I do not understand why the Kasich-style state of emergency was not declared by the Governor in early Oct. when he claims he was first informed.

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