Water utilities ask for clarification on EPA’s memo to publicly make available all information on Lead Service Lines and other “materials inventory” they (utilities) were required to complete under the LCR

In response to the EPA memo that called for strengthening safe drinking water programs, specifically the Lead and Copper Rule, and that we publicly applauded, the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA) has asked for an important clarification on this particular segment:

To increase transparency in implementation of the LCR by posting on their public website and/or on your agency’s website:
o the materials inventory that systems were required to complete under the LCR, including the locations of lead service lines, together with any more updated inventory or map of lead service lines and lead plumbing in the system.

The letter from AMWA, on behalf of several water utilities, stresses that using the word “inventory” could “certainly create a false impression of the data that many utilities have on hand, resulting in unrealistic expectations from states, customers and the media.” It also “results in the expectation for more precise and comprehensive accounting of lead service lines and fixtures than is required to locate Tier 1 sampling sites (the purpose of doing the “materials evaluation” under the LCR).”

Read the full letter here:

Download (PDF, 252KB)

2 thoughts on “Water utilities ask for clarification on EPA’s memo to publicly make available all information on Lead Service Lines and other “materials inventory” they (utilities) were required to complete under the LCR

  1. This whole, entire problem is hinged upon public officials addressing the Flint situation as if it was a “legal issue” instead of a ” public health issue”.

    There is a significant difference between ” what we are required by law to do” and what is the ” right thing to do”!


  2. Im in contact with the owner of a water company here in Wisconsin with some very much needed valuable resources please contact this number 1-608-313-8783 im urging this because im from flint and i have family there still why replace lead with copper stop this future failure call ASAP my birthday is 3-4 i have been calling the mayors office prior to this day anyone who is really concerned knows what happened that day this year now I say this is there something that I know that someone else don’t want you to know especially with all of these car crashes that I have been in and people asking me for drugs and guns sounds like a set up call ASAP let’s find out why then to put the spot light off on a sports legion mateen cleaves to divert attention now I just feel picked on over and over again he’s my generation and we happened to grow up in the same neighborhood i been doing anything to help this issue is deep to put it blblunt on march 4th in 1978 i heard through family my grandfather was beat to death by [hang em bang em] aka you know my aunt was a actress/ model from flint as well found hung in a Florida everglades signs of struggle going to do a job fresh from subbing as a dr on a popular tv soapoprah both unsolve i don’t know what is gonna happen to me for trying this but it seems foul that officials won’t go green oh yeah want to talk about coincidence my birth dad is in prison in Michigan iv been calling to help get him set for release they don’t answer then i call the governor they moved him we just found him but no contact at the same time my stepdad fell out at work i made contact left was told i could come get him now they want to keep him he has walking ppneumonia i left from my grandma side at cithavin to go to my second job came back she was dead all under a suspicious cover up she was woke telling us don’t leave her anybody got stories of these caliber of self doctors never want to go to the doctor best watch out who you piss off huh there’s more than meets the eye here stay tuned yall im fighting

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