[Feb 26 2016] EPA Update on Flint Testing

By Lee-Anne Walters

I am excited to announce that we will start the repeat sampling in 271 Flint homes (i.e. retesting homes we sampled in Aug-Sep 2015 with Virginia Tech) on Monday March 7, 2016.

There will be an EPA Open House meeting for the citizens on Saturday March 12, 2016; time and venue will be announced later this week. I am happy to announce that Mr. Miguel Del Toral (EPA) and Dr. Marc Edwards (Virginia Tech) will be the experts at this meeting.

The EPA Expo meeting, originally scheduled for March 11, 2016, will now take place on April 16, 2016 at the River Front (Time not decided yet).

With this update, you will see also pictures attached (see below). These are pipe loops that have been set up to conduct testing of the water in a controlled environment to treatment. My understanding is these should be up and running shortly. We will have more details on these going forward.

Finally, I want to discuss the confusion around the lead service line removal questions/concerns. Yes, ALL lead service lines need to be removed and that is what we (citizens) will continue to fight to make sure that happens. As we move forward with planning pipe replacements, we need to make sure the accurate science and safeguards are in place before that can happen. There are serious concerns on the condition of the mains and the valves in the system before we start replacement.