Our Team heads to Flint to conduct follow-up testing alongside citizens

A few days ago, our team assembled 271 lead test kits to re-test the same homes we tested in Aug-Sep 2015 to do a valid before-after comparison of lead levels after Flint switched back to Detroit water in October 2015 (and, since then has ramped up corrosion control treatment). The US EPA is funding this round of sampling.

This week, our team left for Flint in two cohorts: Dr. Jeff Parks drove 168 kits to Flint earlier this week, and a team of 8 on their Alternative Spring Break (ASB), including 2 students and 1 scientist from the Flint Water Study team, are driving to Flint as I write this with the rest as well as additional microbiological sampling kits.

Sampling is expected to begin on March 7th, with Lee-Anne Walters leading a team of citizens and students in this endeavor. Residents will receive phone calls to coordinate kit drop-off and pick-up. We will be posting results from this round of sampling as soon as we start getting the kits back and analyzing them.

A team from Virginia Tech University Relations (Cassandra Hockman, Logan Wallace, Jordan Fifer, and J. Scott Parker) will also be following the students around, and posting regular updates and multimedia on the Virginia Tech website.